Statement: Barcelona Reading Club

Statement: Barcelona Reading Club This blog has been created to encourage quality language exchange among bilingual or almost bilingual Spanish/English speakers in Barcelona. If you like reading and you live in Barcelona, this is the place for you. We are looking for members to start a reading club after the summer. The proposal is to meet once a month to discuss, alternatively, a book in English and a book in Spanish. Why?: Although there are many language intercambio clubs in Barcelona, language levels and interests differ enormously. Moreover the Barcelona Reading Club is 100% altruistic as opposed to some of the intercambio clubs. How?: The person in charge (me, so far) can bring different reviews about the chosen book and some difficult vocabulary questions to start the discussion. The club is open to suggestions. Where?: We could meet somewhere downtown. Possible venues are the Philharmonic or Nostromo. Other options? What time? My proposal is to meet at about 9:00 pm, weekdays.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Choosing a book and a date

Please, go HERE to vote for the book you prefer. Type your name in the box and click as many options as you want.

Maybe it is too early to vote for a date but HERE you can find a proposal

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